Roundup Quickpro 6.8lb 1 Bottle 723738

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The addition of diquat, along with the surfactant, gives you even faster burndown. It controls broadleaf and and all. Roundup Quick Pro is absorbed quickly by plants and is rain fast in about an hour. This super-fast dry time means rain won’t wash the product away as easily and it works much faster than typical glyphosphate products. Same complete control you have come to appreciate with Roundup PRO. Visible results in as little as 24 hours. Symptoms up to 4 times faster than Roundup PRO. Rainfast in one-hour-GUARANTEED. All-in-one, quick-mixing formulation reduces hassle and errors of tank mixing. Fewer products to handle. No splashing of concentrate for improved worker protection. Dissolves quickly in water to form a true solution. Does not settle out. Will not clog spray nozzles. Easy-to-use container and calibrated cap means no messy containers or measuring cup. Active Ingredients: Glyphosate 73.3%, Diquat 2.9% Sizes: 6.8 Lbs or 1 box of 5 1.5 oz packets (Mix 1 packet with 1 gallon of water) Combining quick symptoms – in as little as 24 hours – and the complete weed control applicators have trusted for year, QuikPro is the true, all-in-one product. Avoid contact of this herbicide with desirable plants and foliage. Do not use with galvanized sprayers.